Dreams Deeper Than the Ocean

They told her she was weak

That she wasn’t meant to lead

The  big ships would sail past her

When she spoke, they’d sail faster

She had many thoughts

To keep quiet, she was taught

She couldn’t do this any longer

She knew that she was stronger

She got up and made a move

To the world, she would prove

Ready to take a stand

A step away from the sand

Then the world saw her rise

Like a wave, tall and high

Goals clear as the ocean

A smooth flowing motion

She never asked for power

Yet she stood like a tower

She gave herself a name

And her life was not the same

Now the ships don’t sail past her

In fact, they are lost without her

Like a sailor without a map

In an ocean so deep and vast

She is a brave leader

No longer a fish out of water

She had dreams deeper than the ocean

Ambition brighter than the sun

She showed them her best

She didn’t stop to rest

Until she showed the world

She was more than just a girl


-Taran Kaur



5 Things I’ve Learned the Hard Way

Hi friends!! Long time no see.  I’ve been all over the place since 2017 has started.  As many of you know, I graduated nursing school this past December.  Since graduation, I had been studying for my nursing boards.   This is why I’ve been MIA, but now I am back and so excited to share more through my blog and instagram.  I have been wanting to talk about things I’ve learned throughout 2016 and the start of this year for a while, but I am just now able to sit down and type.  Anyway, lets get this show on the road.  Warning you now that this might be a little harsh in some areas, but it is straightforward and honest. Hopefully, you all will read and get some insight/ avoid some mistakes I made lol and there are a lot of mistakes.. oops.

  1. DON’T SETTLE.  Whether it be a job, relationship, goal, dream, or belief, do not settle.  I’ve learned this year that in order to be successful, you can’t stay in your comfort zone.  In order to achieve your dreams, you have to do things differently.  Settling will only be a temporary fix.  It’ll make you happy for a little while because you are comfortable, but it will never satisfy that inner desire for something more.  Honestly, we should strive to never be in a comfort zone for longer than a small period of time.  Life is about challenging yourself, working hard and earning the fruits of your labor, and making your dreams come true.  Be that man or woman that you used to imagine yourself becoming when you were a child.  Don’t compromise your happiness and settle for something that is less than what you desire.  In relationships, ask yourself: is this what I want or how I deserve to be treated?  Is this person worth keeping in my life or are they holding me back from what I really desire?  Does this person support me in achieving my goals, or does he/she make me compromise more than I am willing to compromise?  Is this relationship bringing glory to God or is it just something I selfishly want to hold on to?  In a job, ask yourself:  am I really accomplishing what I set out to do? Is this job bettering me as a person?  Are the things I’m doing stepping stones to achieve my dreams?  Challenge yourself with these questions.  Challenge your beliefs, your goals, your desires.  When you challenge yourself, you are gaining insight into what you really want and who you really are.   Don’t settle when you fail.  Failure in something was just the practice round.  You learn from failing.  Failures happen to shape our character for what is  yet to come.  God allows difficulties and failure to prepare us for what He has planned for our future.  Something that really encouraged me this month while I was studying for my boards and working a full time job were these words from Odell Beckham Jr.: “I’ve never accepted failure.  My plan B was always just another way for my plan A to work.”  If you have a dream, and an end goal: WORK FOR IT AND ACHIEVE IT.  Nothing changes when you don’t change.  Some ways that I have challenged myself this year are through my fitness goals, my beliefs, and my job as an ICU nurse.  I don’t want to just meet the bare minimum.. I want to be great at what I do.  I want to know with full confidence that I am doing the best I can and putting in the effort required to achieve my goals.  When you put in your all, you will feel the most satisfaction.  Don’t learn the hard way.  Don’t settle.
  2. DON’T TRY TO FIX SOMETHING THAT ISN’T BROKEN.  Sometimes we get so used to the simple blessings God has given us, that we take them for granted and want more.  It is easy to want to change things, and try to “fix” them or make them “better.”  The main thing you should realize is that what you’re taking for granted might be something that someone else would treasure.  I say this because I have caught myself in the midst of wanting to change little things about myself.  I’ve wanted to change myself to please others.  I’ve wished that my family did things a little different.  I’ve even wondered what it would be like to not be Indian; what it would be like to be “normal.”  LOL first of all, what even is normal??? Through the years I’ve realized that the way I was raised and the little flaws I have were exactly the things that set me apart and made me who I am.  My family is my heart, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.. and I embrace my culture now.  Friends, I want to challenge you by asking you all a question: What sets you apart and makes you unique from every one else around you?  Use the answer to this question as one of the foundations of your success.  Don’t try to change a relationship that is already beautiful.  Don’t hide yourself behind a mask.  Don’t try to fix something that is so imperfectly perfect.
  3. NOT EVERY ONE HAS YOUR HEART.  DON’T TRUST THE WRONG PEOPLE.  OMG I could talk about this one for hours.  Kinda gonna be harsh and intense for a second. Okay.. so basically I was super sheltered.  I trusted every one because I truly believed that every one wanted the best for me.  I wanted to believe that every one had my best interest at heart.  I thought we all wanted to do good for the world and be kind to one another.  I quickly learned that this is far from the truth.  You can’t trust everyone, dear.  People are flawed.  It is inevitable.  God didn’t make  anyone perfect.  It is foolish to believe that every one likes you and wants to see you succeed.  In reality, people are jealous, people gossip, people will talk you down, people will make you feel less than who you are, people will manipulate, people will lie.  One way that I have been taught to deal with people who discourage me is to kill them with kindness.  I am not the type of person who likes to argue or prove a point to someone.  If someone treats me poorly, I’m not gonna lie.. it does hurt me.  I will think about it for days and days.. but I have learned that the only thing that I can do is be kind to the person.  I have to remind myself that my simple act of kindness could switch someone’s overall perspective and maybe inspire them to reflect upon themselves and change the way they treat others.  On the other side, there are some people that are sweet gifts from above.  These people live for your smile, want to see you succeed, and will support you and love you unconditionally.  These are the people you should trust.  The thing is, people don’t try to be conniving or manipulative.  It is just human nature, so make sure that you are trusting the right people.  Don’t catch yourself falling for people who will use you and treat you poorly.  Don’t give away all your eggs in one basket to people who don’t even deserve one egg.. wait what the heck did I just say?? LOL.  Long story short, be selective in who you trust.
  4. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR WORTH.  If you have time, read this post I wrote on self worth.  I promise you won’t regret it.  It has everything I want to say in this part of this post plus more, and it isn’t long either!   I’m telling ya, if you’re feeling down in the dumps or need to be reminded of how great you are, READ THIS. Just trust me, friend.
  5. CHERISH YOUR FAMILY AND THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU.  I wanted to end this post with a huge reminder to cherish your loved ones.  What a blessing it is to have people who love you and would do anything for you!  Friends, please don’t take these people for granted.  Love them, hold them close, and show them how much they mean to you every now and then.  These are the people that love you and support you when you’ve hit rock bottom.  Think for a moment, which people in your life are these people?  The ones who pick you up when you’ve fallen, the ones who act like nothing has happened when you’ve failed, the ones who tell you how wonderful you are and forgive you when you have hurt them…. Aren’t these folks just amazing?   Sometimes I wonder how someone could love me so much the way my mom and dad do… the way some of my friends do.  I am mind blown by how they can tolerate me and love me with everything else I come with including my stubbornness, my mean side, my imperfections.  What blows mind even more is that there is a God who loves me even MORE than these people who I’ve listed in my head.  This God loves me despite my flaws and mistakes, He looks past the imperfections, He loves me unconditionally and wants to be a part of my life?? Wow, a perfect God loves an imperfect me?  And not only does He love me, but He loves me with the purest, most perfect love.  Cherish Him first, and cherish the blessings He has given you in your friends and family.  Count your blessings people.

The grass is always greener on the other side, but no one lives your life except you.  So why not make your life unique and fulfilling?  Do whatever makes you  happy and sets your soul on fire.  Work hard to achieve your dreams, and once you achieve them.. look back and feel proud of yourself.  Its not easy making dreams come true, so get up and chase them!

Thats all I have for you right now guys.  I hope that this has inspired you!  Give me some feedback and don’t hesitate to ask me questions!  Make sure you read the link about self worth, too.  It’s worth it! Get it? LOL I’m done.

Love you all mucho mucho,




Casual with an Edge

Hey again everyone!

Many of you were asking about this outfit from my Instagram, so I decided to share the deets for this look 😉  It is a casual outfit but has a bit of an edge to it!   This jacket is one of my favorite faux leather pieces that I own.  It is from Topshop and is a staple that literally goes with every thing.  The jeans I’m wearing are SO comfy that they don’t even feel like jeans.  They are from Zara, and I’m obsessed with the distress detail!  Of course, the outfit really stands out because of the mustard yellow turtleneck I am wearing from Romwe.  I love this sweater because it is cropped and has a cut detail in the front and back which makes it perfect to pair with jeans or a cute skirt.

I know I’ve been slacking on my blog posts, but please forgive me y’all!  I have NCLEX coming up, so I have been super nervous and stressed.  Promise I will be posting more after I get this monster exam out of the way!  Love you all and so thankful for the support and encouragement that you guys shower me with!



Ringing in the New Year!

   Hello hello every one!

Can y’all believe 2016 is coming to an end?  This was a great year for me, so I can’t wait to see what is in store for 2017!  Hopefully it can top 2016 😉  Some of the great things that happened in 2016 for me included starting my blog, meeting tons of new people (bad and good experiences), getting to experience my best friend get engaged, graduating from nursing school, and accepting a job!  God has taught me so much this year, and I can’t wait to apply what all I have learned to this upcoming year.  I’ll put up a blog post soon talking more in depth about what I’ve learned.  2017 will be an adventure, I can already tell!  This will be my first year as an “adult” with a full time job and a lot less dependance on my parents.  If y’all have any tips for me on adulting, I will take all the advice I can get!

As far as a New Years Resolution, I just want 2017 to be a year where I strive to keep my focus on God and keep Him as the center of my life.  Other than that I want to cook more, reach my fitness goal, and work on improving my blog!  With New Year parties coming up, I thought it would be appropriate to give some suggestions on dresses!  We wore these dresses for a Christmas get together, but they would be perfect for a New Year Party.  You won’t believe where they are from either!! The wine colored dress I’m wearing is from Forever 21!! WHATTT?? I know, I’m obsessed with it too.  Paired the beauty with some snake skin heels from Aldo and I was ready to go.  For all my Mississippi locals, the dress my friend Shelton is wearing is from Material Girls.  If you love her dress and don’t live in Mississippi, you can shop on Material Girls’ website!

Also, I have to brag on Sara Gatlin for the amazing photos!  She is great, y’all!! Definitely a great pick for any kind of photo needs!

I hope you all have a phenomenal New Year, and remember to finish off this year with a bang!! :*




Festive NCLEXing?

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Hey lovies!!

I have so much to catch you all up on.  First things first, I GRADUATED nursing school!  You guys have no idea how much I struggled through my last couple of semesters of nursing school.  I can say with full confidence that I only did it because God got me through.  I’m so excited to be able to announce that I have accepted a job as a PICU nurse.  I’m so excited to see what opportunities God will have ready for me throughout the next chapter of my life.  I am thankful, nervous, and looking forward to what lies ahead!

With all of that being said, my studies are not over!  I now have to study for NCLEX and pass boards to be officially licensed as a nurse.  Since I graduated in December and have NCLEX at the end of January, I had to incorporate the holidays into my studying to keep me sane LOL.  I ordered a super cute case from Caseapp to keep things fun at Starbucks 😉  I love Caseapp, and all of the fun customization tools they have to create a laptop or phone case personalized to fit you!

In this post,  I’m wearing the coziest sweater from SheIn.  This sweater is a definite staple for the colder days.  It makes it easy to look cute and be comfy/warm at the same time!  Oh and since it was a white sweater, I got to be bold with my Red lips!! 😉 SheIn has great prices on things that are in trend now, so its a great way to stay in style and not break the wallet.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I can’t believe it is December already!  This semester has been so busy with nursing school and studying, that it seems like everything went so fast.  I’m not complaining though!!  The holiday season is my favorite time of the year, and I have made it a goal to make this one a very special one.   I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends cozied up by the fireplace this month. The sweet evergreen smell of the trees, cookies baking in the oven, colorful lights and decor, and the holiday cheer makes this season the most warm and cozy and magical and perfect time.  The reason behind the season makes it all the more better 🙂  Can you tell I’m obsessed with the holidays yet?  I’ll be posting a lot of Holiday related outfits and ideas, so y’all stay tuned!!

The Lord has already given me an amazing Christmas blessing this year.  During the next many Christmases after this one, I will be working as a full time nurse!  Praise God!!  This Christmas is my last Christmas as a college student, and I want to do it right.  This weekend, I knew I needed to start looking for a Christmas tree, so a friend and I went to Lowery Family Christmas Farm in Flora, MS. We were greeted with the sweetest woman, Ms. Judith.  Her family has run the farm business for a long time, and they knew exactly what they were doing.  She told us stories about the farm, and I learned that it takes 4-8 years to grow the perfect Christmas tree.  Who would have known?!!  If you have never been to her farm, you need to visit!  They do an annual pumpkin patch and do fun events for families all the time!    We were also introduced to her sweet pets, a Pomeranian pup and a sweet kitty cat, that both made their debut in some photographs!

For my first holiday outfit, I wore a striped J. Crew sweater and some Articles of Society jeans.  I paired this outfit with some black, suede booties by Steve Madden (similar pair), a mini bucket bag by Tory Burch, and a festive blanket scarf (similar scarf).  To stay warm, I wore a beautiful wool coat by Nordicwinds from!  I love this coat so much!  You can easily dress it up or down, and it is SO WARM.  It has a chic look and has good length to it.  It goes past my knees and I love that it pairs so nicely with both jeans or a dress!

I have to thank my friend Rachel Watters for the amazing photos.  If you guys are looking for a photographer for Christmas card pictures or anything else, she is the one to call!!  Here are some photos of the outfit:


















Hope y’all have a very Merry Christmas this year, and Happy Holidays!!



My State Style with Old Navy| Mississippi

There’s something about Mississippi that makes my heart so full and satisfied.   I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the people, or maybe it’s the food, the peaceful sunsets, or just that southern charm and hospitality. Whatever it is, I’m glad I call Mississippi my home.   I love the small town feel, and I love that Mississippians are known to be friendly and welcoming. We are proud of our state, and we represent it in style!

Mississippi is a huge factor in shaping my style. Mississippians enjoy the simple things in life. Our state is known for its breathtaking agriculture and greenery, and being outdoors is how we like to spend our days.  We love to explore the beauty of the nature around us. When walking through the various parks and nature trails of my state, it’s important to be comfortable. For me, it is also important to incorporate my personal style into it as well.   I have always been a visual person, and I love putting together cute yet event appropriate outfits. My one stop shop is Old Navy! Old Navy brings so many great options that are not only perfect for adventuring, but are also super stylish! Everything I am wearing in these photos can be found at Old Navy. I started with a basic white tee and some cutoff shorts.   Comfy right? To add a bit of my own style to the look, I paired my outfit with some black, heeled sandals and a field jacket to fight the unpredictable Mississippi weather.   I finished the look off with a black cross-body bag so I could easily carry my essentials and be hands-free.    Y’all, this outfit was super cute and PERFECT for exploring. The jacket added an outdoorsy feel to my outfit, but the sandals made the look more fun and girly!

I hope these pictures give you a little taste of my state and its beauty. Super thankful that Old Navy helps me incorporate pieces that represent my personal and my state style!

Here are the links to everything I’m wearing in this post!


To see more state styles, visit Join in on the fun and submit your own look by using the hashtags #50styles50states and #OldNavyStyle.

Love you all– XOXO,



Back to School with Caseapp

How chic and adorable are my custom iPhone case and custom laptop skin from Caseapp?!  Y’all I love this brand!  I was able to easily customize my case and skin exactly how I wanted them to look.  I’ve been obsessing over white marble, and Caseapp has so many different marble/style options to choose from.  You can even add your own personal mottos, photos, or cliparts to your cases and skins.  With school being right around the corner, I wanted to collaborate with Caseapp to bring you all a special discount.  Using the code TARAN20, you guys can also customize a skin or case and get 20% off your order!  I can’t wait to see how everyone expresses their own style and what inspires them through their custom designs.  Best of luck as y’all begin the new school year in style!!

Here is the link:

Love you mucho- XOXO,



Day Trip to the French Quarter

New Orleans has always been dear to my heart since it was where I grew up and where I spent my childhood days.  I always try to make a trip back at least 4 times a year.  The french quarter and the cajun dishes just do not get old.  The fresh smell of beignets and coffee fills the air.  I love the feel and atmosphere of this city.  It’s a must visit for those of you who haven’t been!

New Orleans is warm but it can get a little breezy, so for my outfit I chose an off-white cowl neck sweater without sleeves.  I paired it with a suede button up skirt and of course my Steve Madden Irenee shoes.  This look would also look great with a pair of booties!  I added my KC Jagger backpack from Sak’s so that I was handsfree in the city, and it also completed my look effortlessly.

Wouldn’t y’all agree that this is the perfect summer to fall transitional outfit?  I loved it and got so many compliments!


Hope you all have a super fab rest of the week!



Fair Fun With Dezzal

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Oh my goodness, yesterday was so much fun at the Neshoba County Fair.  If you live in MS, you know that this fair is a tradition and a huge deal!!  All the colorful cabins are a sight to see, and the fair food and carnival rides are a plus.  Not to mention all the fun competitions and concerts!!  I’m obsessed with fair food, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a candy apple with double sprinkles 😀 YUM, my absolute fav!!!  Surprisingly, the weather was doing good yesterday.  It rained earlier, so the evening was breezy and perfect.

The top I chose to wear to the fair was an off the shoulder top from  I love that this top is cut shorter because it looks great with high waisted shorts or skirts!  The fact that it fits loosely makes it super comfortable for a fun day at the fair!

I paired the top with some denim cut offs from forever 21, bracelets by Erimish (So freakin pretty!– If you live in MS, you can find them at Pink Possum), and necklace by Kendra Scott!  Here is a link to the top from Dezzal:

Hope you all have a fabulous week!! Enjoy summer while it lasts 🙂